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Issued by 1OAK Capital Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  1OAK Capital Ltd (1OAK) (Registered in England & Wales Number: 06890293; FCA registration number 501453) provides fund management services for its customers. 1OAK Capital Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered Office of 50 Sloane Avenue London SW3 3DD.

Key Points

  • Diversified exposure to equities, fixed income and liquid alternatives
  • Benchmark: 60% global equity / 40% global bonds
  • Asset allocation guided by Blackrock
  • Income option pays 4% per annum
  • Diversified global exposure
  • Investment through low cost ETFs and direct market access to reduce costs
  • UCITS V Retail Fund
  • Daily Liquidity

Fund Literature

Coming soon.

Fund Information

Fund Name

1OAK Multi Asset 40 UCITS Fund



UCITS Provider



Ireland, Dublin

UK Reporting Status


Principal Regulator

Central Bank of Ireland

FCA Registered



The fund may be bought directly by investors or through a platform in European Union, Ireland, United Kingdom

Investment Manager

1OAK Capital

Administrator and Custodian

Northern Trust (Ireland)

Dealing Frequency


Asset Class

Cautious Multi Asset

Base Currency


Launch Date

1 October 2020

Underlying Strategy

MA60 Strategy


60% MSCI Global Equity

40% Barclays Bloomberg Global Bond

Fees & Charges

Share Class





A & D1





B & D2





Target Market

The fund has been designed for investors that match the criteria described below

Client Type

Retail Clients and Professional Investors

Knowledge and Experience

Basic, informed and advanced.


Capital growth over the medium to long term

Investment time horizon

Medium term or longer (3y+)

Attitude to risk

Investors with a medium or “balanced” attitude to risk who are prepared to accept some volatility and risk to their capital in exchange for the possibility of higher returns

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

Capacity For Loss

Investors have some capacity for loss. They have a preference to minimise both the chance and scale of losses

Income Requirement

The accumulation share classes (A, B) are suitable for investors that do not require an income. 

The D share class is suitable for investors that require a regular income. 

Return Objective

Investors are hoping to receive a better return than they would receive from deposits and other investments where there is no risk to their capital, but accept that the returns are likely to be lower than funds that invest predominantly in equities and other higher return / higher risk assets

Liquidity Requirement

Investors want to be able to invest and redeem at any time

Negative Target Market

The fund will not be suitable for investors who

Capacity For Loss

Investors who cannot accept any risk to their capital

Attitude to risk

Investors who cannot accept any variation or change in the value of their investments

Investment horizon

Investors who may want immediate access to their investment and investors who do not expect to be able to invest for at least three years. 

Financial knowledge

Investors, who with the benefit of financial advice are unable to understand the risks associated with investing. 

How To Buy

The fund has been designed to be bought and held through the widest range of investment platforms, life bonds, fund supermarkets, wrappers and investment accounts. It is also possible to buy the fund directly. The fund can be identified on a platform either by name or using the ISIN for the share class required. 

If the fund is not available on a platform, please contact 1OAK directly and we will contact the platform and give them the information that they require to make the fund available.

Download: 1OAK Multi Asset - Platform avalibility


The income share class will pay a quarterly dividend of 1% Net Asset Value to investors which hold the fund on the dividend observation date and will be paid on the dividend payment date which falls on the 15th of March, June, September and December.

Dividend Observation Date

Dividend Payment Date



























Costs And Charges

There are various fees and charges that are incurred running a fund. Some of these are incurred directly, others are indirect. In order to provide greater clarity, the regulators have prescribed what fees and charges should be included in various measures of the costs and fees that affect the value of the fund.

Most of the service providers to the fund charge a fee that is set as a percentage of the value of the fund. Many of these providers have a minimum charge. The minimum charge means that the effective percentage fee will be greater than the quoted rate when the fund is smaller. To ensure that investors do not suffer disproportionately 1OAK will cap or limit the costs by restricting the administration and custody costs to 0.3%. This means that the AMC received by 1OAK will be lower than would have been if there was no cap.

The costs and charges for each share class are described in the Share Class table above. Please download for a full description of the costs that are included in each measure. 

Risks Associated With This Fund

Investment Risk: The value of investments can fall as well as rise and investors might not get back the sum originally invested.

Investment in Funds: The Investment Policy allows the fund to invest directly and indirectly through a swap in units of other collective investment schemes; principally ETF’s. Investors should consider the investment policy and asset composition of the underlying funds when assessing their portfolio exposure.

Currency risk: Where investments are made in assets that are denominated in multiple currencies, changes in exchange rates may affect the value of the investments.

No capital guarantee: Positive returns are not guaranteed, and no form of capital protection applies.

Issuer risk: The fund invests in securities, swaps and other derivatives whose value would be significantly affected if the issuer either refused to pay or was unable to pay or perceived to be unable to pay.

Interest rate risk: Changes in interest rates are likely to affect the fund’s value. In general, as interest rates rise, the price of a fixed rate bond will fall, and vice versa.

Valuation risk: The fund’s assets may sometimes be difficult to value objectively, and the actual value may not be recognised until assets are sold.

Investment in derivatives: The Investment Policy of the fund allows it to invest materially in derivatives. The value and performance of the Fund relies heavily on the ongoing ability of the derivative counterparty to meet their obligations to the fund.

Volatility risk: The fund may exhibit significant price volatility.

Inflation risk: Most bond and cash funds offer limited capital growth potential and an income that is not linked to inflation. Inflation is likely to affect the value of capital and income over time.